About Us

Headquartered in Rochester, NY, Clerisy Corp. manufactures markets and distributes Aromahaler®Nasal SoftStrips™ for a wide variety of therapeutic areas to provide simple, safe, and effective solutions to manage and improve consumers' health and wellness. Nasal SoftStrips™ are doctor-developed, internationally patented, and FDA market approved for over-the-counter uses.

Nasal SoftStrips™ are manufactured at a facility in the USA that maintains TS 16949, ISO 14001, and Clean Room certifications. To further ensure consumer safety, Nasal SoftStrips™ are produced using 100% hypoallergenic components and all-natural ingredients. The essential oils and vapors are specially formulated for each therapeutic area and are of the highest quality and purity produced in the USA. Nasal SoftStrips™ do not contain adhesives, artificial active ingredients, or drugs, making them safe to use by anyone over the age of 12.

Our goals are simple but significant. We promise to provide consumers with Nasal SoftStrips™ that are safe, effective, and designed to promote improved health, quality of life and over-all well-being across a wide range of therapeutic areas that are of greatest concern to consumers. Whatever your health needs, Aromahaler®Nasal SoftStrips™ provide the key to putting the power and elegant design of your nasal system and all-natural essential oils and vapors to work toward helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.