How it Works

Aromahaler® Nasal SoftStrips™ for Stress Relief

Studies of the brain have shown that your sense of smell has the powerful ability to help reduce the feelings of stress and tension.

Aromahaler® Nasal SoftStrips™ for Stress Relief takes advantage of this fact by using a concentrated, all-natural blend of lavender essential oils and vapors that have been clinically shown to help promote calmness, relaxation, and even more restful sleep.

The vapors activate the appropriate receptors in the nasal cavity, which then triggers olfactory nerve impulses to the brain that gently and rapidly reduce stress.

As you peel one Nasal SoftStrip™ from the pad, it will begin to curl in the shape of the letter U.

Simply fit the U-shaped strip around the bottom of your nose, squeeze lightly so it stays in place, and then breathe deeply through your nose for 2 minutes or longer.

The scent of the concentrated lavender vapors rapidly interact with the nasal cavity receptors and send the appropriate nerve signals to areas of the brain that begin to calm you as your stress melts away.

Simple. Effective. Fast Acting. Long Lasting.

Using Aromahaler® Nasal SoftStrips™ is a safe and convenient way to use the elegant design of your nasal system and 100% natural vapors to control your stress, rather than having stress control you.