Newly Launched FDA-Market Approved Medical Delivery Device Shown to
Promote Appetite Control and Stress Management

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (October 26, 2009) –Clerisy Corp announces the launch of Nasal SoftStrips™, a revolutionary new product designed to administer over counter (OTC) medicants or aromatic blends of essential oils through a convenient nasal strip.

Doctor-developed Nasal SoftStrips™ are a patented and FDA market-approved medical delivery device designed to provide consumers with a safe, effective and all-natural means to improve and manage their health and well-being. Clerisy Corp. will initally offer two types of Nasal SoftStrips™, a peppermint blend to curb appetite and a lavender blend to promote relaxation and provide relief from stress and tension.

Vapors are released from the distilled oils and concentrated extracts infused on the Nasal SoftStrips™. The vapors rapidly interact with the proper receptors in your nasal cavity, triggering nerve signals to the brain. This results in brain activity and processes that can directly counteract hunger (peppermint blend) or the symptoms of stress and tension (lavender blend). Nasal SoftStrips™ for Appetite Control and Nasal SoftStrips™ for Stress Reief each contain blends of safe and well-studied, all-natural ingredients that have been shown to promote satiety (peppermint blend) or promote relaxation and stress relief lavender blend).

Nasal SoftStrips™ are easy to apply and do not use adhesives to stay properly positioned. As the Nasal SoftStrip™ is peeled from the pad, it will begin to curl in the shape of the letter U. Simply fit the U-shaped strip fits around the bottom (septum) of the nose, and squeeze the strip lightly to stay in place. The user must then breathe deeply through the nose for 2 minutes or longer.

Nasal SoftStrips™ are safe, simple, fast-acting and provide long-lasting results” states Clerisy Corp President and CEO Mary Maida. “We are thrilled to offer consumers a natural, healthy, and non-invasive way to help promote appetite control or help promote relaxation and relieve stress. In addition, Nasal SoftStrips™ are doctor-invented and based upon sound scientific and clinical data. Nasal SoftStrips™ will be available in the near future for decongestion, nausea control, nicotine aversion, focus and attention, energy and alertness, headache control, and insomia. The possibilities are endless.”