When to Use

Aromahaler® Nasal SoftStrips™ for Stress Relief


Aromahaler® Nasal SoftStrips™ are rapid acting and long lasting and can be used wherever you are comfortable, in your residence, place of employment or while travelling.

Feeling of stress and tension are unique to each individual and can occur under many different circumstances.

Use Nasal SoftStrips™ – lavender – before, during or after any situation that makes you feel stressed or tense.

Some stressful situations where Nasal SoftStrips™ may promote relaxation, calmness and relief from feelings of stress and tension are:

At your workplace:

  • Before, during or after meetings
  • Before, during or after presentations

While travelling:

  • Before during or after a stressful commute to work
  • Before, during or after a stressful trip
  • While trying to juggle tight time schedules and other demands on your time
  • Flying is extremely stressful for most people. Nasal SoftStrips™ can be used before, during or after a flight to promote calmness.

Public places:

  • Many people public places and/or events are very stressful. Nasal SoftStrips™ can be used to promote calmness; before, during or after going to a busy store, shopping center, sporting event, concert or any large gathering.

At home:

  • Before, during or after a family get-together or social events.
  • Any situation or activity around the home that may cause you to feel tense and stressed.